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The Daham Niketanaya was established in 1994 by the North Victorian Buddhist Association Inc. Now located at Yuroke, the temple's main objective is to maintain a centre for education and training in Buddhist culture and Asian languages. The temple also engages in activities to increase the awareness of Budhism and meditation in the community at large. One of temple's main tasks is to promote social fellowship and harmony within the framework of tolerance, participation, loving kindness and compassion in keeping with the Buddhist tradition.

The Centre also caters for the practice of meditation and encourages the practical observance of Theravada Buddhism for Buddhists and non Buddhists among Australians.

Sunday School Enrolments for 2019

Parents please note that enrolment forms are not accepted to the school after the first semester for any reason.

Maha Bo Maha Sa Wandana - Jan 01 2019

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