Daham Nikethanaya, our exquisite paradise of Dhamma is frequently visited by the followers of both Maha Yana and Therawada Buddhism. In this enchanting territory of friendly atmosphere and warm hospitality, our gates are open all day long, while mass crowds from all around Victoria attend our shrine in a non-ending stream.

Covering a widespread area of the panoramic temple premises, our Cultural Site, the newly added special feature is freely open for public exhibition. Within this specially located zone, exact replicas of sacred Buddhist icons are on a graceful display.

Unique Buddhist statues received as priceless gifts from Thailand and Vietnam add glamour and beauty to our cultural site. Together with a treasured collection of sacred Sri Lankan Buddhist icons, they bring international cultural heritage into life. Acting as a noble museum that secures sacred Buddhist philosophy for the future generations, our cultural site is one of the centre attentions of Daham Nikethanaya.

For the maintenance, upgrading and beautifying of the cultural site we warmly welcome your kind donations. We openly invite all institutes, religious organisations and individuals to contribute for our cultural site. Sacred Buddhist replicas, symbols, monuments and souvenirs of Buddhist culture, in your possession can be presented to our majestic collection.

All your generous contributions are greatly appreciated.