What is "Dana"

The version "Dana" encounters a spectacular variety of ways and means. Dana is not only the materials we contribute. Dana is not only the alms we offer.

Including food, clothing, shelter, medication, education and knowledge of Dhamma, Dana is everything we offer with selfless compassion, generosity and goodwill...

... Being generously motivated for Dana beforehand, making a sincere offering, feeling the satisfaction afterwards in the memory of contribution, completes a fully accomplished "Dana" and brings vast merit to our lives.

Ways you can contribute

For the welfare of our temple, we kindly invite you to make an affordable, voluntary donation at your own free will.

Choose a special occasion for your kind contribution. Select your loving son's or daughter's birthday for the offering or select the death anniversary of a beloved departed relative.

We greatly appreciate your generous assistance in the long process of maintaining and upbringing our Temple.

Your donations are warmly welcomed under three categories

1. Obtain membership of the North Victorian Buddhist Association. Membership fee is $10 per month.

2. Other donations (Monetary contribution of your choice)

3. Special donation (A contribution of $100 per day, which includes daily maintenance of electricity gas/mortgage/ insurance/telephone/cleaning etc of the temple.)

Receipt for tax refund

All donations above $2.00 are tax refundable. If you would like to get a receipt for your tax purposes, please email us with the details below:

Name: ( first name, last name)
Donation date:
Payment Reference:
Contact number: