Since 1994, over the years, the Daham Niketanaya Temple has been offering its devotees all facilities required for the performance and fulfilment of their spiritual needs. With much dedication and support from the membership and the community at large, the Temple is now equipped with the salient features of religious and cultural amenities.

Daham Nikethanaya received a rare opportunity to establish and preserve a complete library facility ( started in 1968 at Broadmeadows by Mr. Victor Melder who migrated to Australia from Sri Lanka and realised the benefit of having a dedicated library for research purposes and for providing information to all Australians. Now the library holds over 7000 books and magazines in English, related to Ceylon-Sri Lanka.

The proposed library was a long-standing request from our community members specially to cater our younger and elderly community to bring a range of specific cultural experiences to diverse groups, fostering our vibrant community interactions and possibilities.

Plans have been drawn by the Committee of the North Victorian Buddhist Association at Daham Niketanaya to demolish and rebuild the first existing building (old Awasaya) at the temple premises and use it as a complete elaborative library facility for the community.

We take this opportunity to share the details of the project with our community. The photos include the existing building facility, Proposed floor plan and the MCIF project signage at NVBA premises.