Project : Construction of a New Sangavasa

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Projects : Posted on June 29th 2014

Since 1994, over the years, the Daham Niketanaya Buddhist Temple has been offering its devotees all facilities required for the performance and fulfilment of their spiritual needs. With much dedication and support from the membership and the community at large, the Temple is now equipped with the salient features of a traditional Theravada Buddhist Temple, namely, a Dagoba enshrining Buddha’s Relics, a Bodhiya -a symbol of Enlightenment and a Vihara Ge which is the Image House, extending to a spacious Assembly Hall for the convenience of devotees to pay homage to the Buddha and hold their religious observances as they occur. A unique addition to the Temple is the Cultural Precinct depicting episodes from the life of the Buddha and Sri Lanka’s Buddhist tradition.

Now, what the Temple urgently needs is a new Sanghavasa –a monastery for the resident monks as the present premises are in a dilapidated state and the monks are undergoing much hardship. Plans have been drawn for a new building to be constructed and we are in the process of collecting funds to begin the project.


Construction underway